Ascend Edge


At Ascend, we bring the best of the health industry to the sports and fitness industry, and the general public. We want to remove the barriers keeping you from the best version of yourself. We are committed to quality physiotherapy service, as reflected in our clinic becoming the first in the state to be accredited under the new national Quality in Practice Standards. Most of our physiotherapists have attained postgraduate qualifications. We continue to provide elite sports Physiotherapy to WA’s best and have associations with WAIS, The Western Force, Rugby WA, High Performance Gymnastics, West Coast Fever, Diving WA and Athletics Australia.

From elite athletes to everybody, we invite you to achieve you peak at Ascend.

We recognize one of your biggest aims with physiotherapy is to understand what and why you are having problems.
At Ascend Physiotherapy we prioritise:

  • Diagnosing what the problem is
  • Identifying and explaining to you the underlying causes, so you know why you are having the issues
  • Explaining how we will help you address these causes, not just treat the symptoms
  • Supporting you beyond your consultation, from providing rehabilitation facilities for you to complete your exercises to email correspondence and cutting edge tracking procedures with your physiotherapist.

How are we different?

  • Our appointments are longer than the industry standard
  • Our focus is on specific, quality exercise rehabilitation relevant to your sport or goals
  • Experienced, professional and passionate physiotherapists who are the forefront of contemporary physiotherapy practice and education. Most of our physios have returned to university and achieved a post-graduate qualification, making them an authority in their area. They are extremely skilled in difficult cases.
  • We empower our patients. We give you long term self management strategies to put you in control

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are the best-trained individuals in the medical/allied health system to assess and manage pain and dysfunction related to the Neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle, joint and bone) system. We use a mixture of manual (hands-on) therapy, postural/movement re-training, load management, training advice and specific exercises as part of our treatment. If you want to know more about what we do, please give us a ring and ask to chat with one of our physios! If we believe that you require involvement from other health care professionals, we will refer you to the appropriate health care provider.

The physiotherapy profession is evidence-based, which means we base our assessment and treatment on medical research, and our physios undertake ongoing continuing professional education to keep up with the latest in sports medicine and injury management. Some of our physiotherapists are actively involved in teaching and research through Curtin University.


What we do:

Injury management

If you have sustained an acute injury, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis and the right advice early as this can mean returning to your chosen activity as quickly as possible. Some injuries should be iced, some are better with heat, some do best with early optimal loading and others require complete rest and immobilisation. Our physiotherapists can assist you with the diagnosis and the right management plan as well as reducing your pain.

If you have more persistent pain, ‘niggles’ or a longstanding injury, physiotherapy can assess contributing factors and design the best management strategy with a focus on exercise and self-efficacy.

Physiotherapy management, in particular specific exercise and movement strategies, has been shown to help with many chronic musculoskeletal conditions that may involve structural changes of theback, knee, shoulder and tendon problems. Some of these conditions include muscle strains/tears, shoulder bursitis, shoulder tendon tears, shoulder dislocations, tennis elbow, spinal disc injuries, sciatica, knee cartilage/ligament tears, Achilles tendon problems and ‘growing pains’ in the adolescent population. If you have a longstanding injury preventing you doing the things you want to do, the physios at Ascend can get you on the right recovery.


Injury prevention

Often the difference between a gold medal, personal best or finishing your goal is the ability to consistently train. Preventing injuries is the holy grail of Sports Medicine, it isn’t easy and that’s why we see the world’s best athletes still struggle. Minimizing injury risk involves a complex interaction between knowing the demands of the sport, knowing the athlete’s body and knowing the injury.

The Physiotherapists at Ascend will provide a comprehensive assessment of your movement/postural patterns, strength and flexibility and we will develop individualised programs to ensure your body meets the demands of your sport/goals.

We regularly perform athletic screening for some of WA’s top sporting organizations. Injury prevention is an evolving science. And Ascend physiotherapy is proud to be at the forefront of this.


Performance enhancement

We are athletes ourselves and we know your sport. At Ascend, we want to help you be better at your sport! We know what it takes for an athlete to run faster or longer, jump higher, kick further. It is a complex interaction between technique, power output, the way you move and your unique body type. By optimising these variables, we can help you achieve your peak.